Eternal Digital Assets Self-Custody Solutions

Eternal Digital Assets is a company dedicated to responsible self-custody of digital assets. We are a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers passionate about safe backup and recovery of cryptos.

EDA's mission is to produce tools and services that facilitate and the trustless and automated transfer of assets.

Our goal to create the first user-friendly interface for a multi-encrypted and decentralized digital estate has been realized with the launch of our flagship product, Keyback 2.0


What We Do

We're About Digital Sovereignty

The original promise of the Internet was that individuals were able to connect, communicate, work together and retain their anonymity. Bitcoin was conceived to maintain anonymity and make payments across a decentralized network without gatekeepers. We work with these goals and concepts in all we do.

Be Your Own Bank

As a soverign individual you have the innate right to maintain and manage your wealth and payments to others, without interference or control from outside entities.

Self-Custody Your Assets

Maintain complete ownership and access to your digital assets, whether its cryptocurrencies, tokenized real world assets or NFTs.

Backup & Recovery

Decentralized and trustless solutions to backup and recovery of digial assets are critical to our core mission.

Digital Estate Plans

Solutions to digital asset management that operates on a deadman switch ensures you can safely and reliably transfer assets to those you love when the time is right.